HEAL THE WORLD --- Michael Jackson There's A Place InYour HeartAnd I Know That It Is LoveAnd This Place CouldBe MuchBrighter Than TomorrowAnd 辦公室出租If You Really TryYou'll Find There's No Need To CryIn This Place You'll FeelThere's No Hurt Or SorrowThere Are WaysTo Get ThereIf 買屋You Care EnoughFor The LivingMake A Little SpaceMake A Better Place"Heal The WorldMake It A Better PlaceFor You And For MeAnd The Entire Human 租屋RaceThere Are People DyingIf You Care EnoughFor The LivingMake A Better PlaceFor You And For Me"If You Want To Know WhyThere's A Love ThatCannot 租屋網LieLove Is StrongIt Only Cares ForJoyful GivingIf We TryWe Shall SeeIn This BlissWe Cannot FeelFear Or DreadWe Stop Existing AndStart LivingThen It 婚禮顧問Feels That AlwaysLove's Enough ForUs GrowingSo Make A Better WorldMake A Better World...And The Dream We WereConceived InWill Reveal A Joyful 婚禮佈置FaceAnd The World WeOnce Believed InWill Shine Again In GraceThen Why Do We KeepStrangling LifeWound This EarthCrucify Its SoulThough It's Plain 會場佈置To SeeThis World Is HeavenlyBe God's GlowWe Could Fly So HighLet Our Spirits Never DieIn My HeartI Feel You Are AllMy BrothersCreate A World 開幕活動WithNo FearTogether We'll CryHappy TearsSee The Nations TurnTheir SwordsInto PlowsharesWe Could Really Get ThereIf You Cared EnoughFor The 澎湖民宿LivingMake A Little SpaceTo Make A Better Place...

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